Your Move Champion's Planning Session

Sophie Baker
City of Wanneroo

On the 7th February 2024, the City held its first Champions planning session for the year at Wanneroo Library and Cultural Centre.

11 Champions joined us both online and in person. Despite the technical difficulties we had with teams and the room connectivity the session was well received by all. All attendees were provided with a Your Move insulated water bottle thanks to the reward shop, an Activity list and Planner.

Sarah Kavanagh from St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School discussed her school's involvement in the Your Move program, Sarah's experience as a champion and their success in attaining a $20k Connecting Schools grant for bike shelter/ cover. Please see a photo of the amazing Sarah below:

Amy Utley from East Butler Primary School discussed the activities that she planned as a Champion, her school's involvement in the program and how East Butler will be upgrading their existing bike racks with their $20k Connecting Schools Grant funding. Here is a photo of the fabulous Amy below:

After Amy and Sarah had inspired our Champions. I discussed how the traffic team could support with Safe Routes to School, Infrastructure, Parking issues and also discussed how to apply for a Warden Controlled Crossing. I also discussed the Safe Routes to School access guide and we had a quick look at activities on the Your Move website and revised how to allocate points to our posts.

We then had a hands on planning session, where Champions walked around the room, had a discussion and posted ideas on butchers paper regarding what activities they could do for three key events for the year: National Ride 2 School Day, National Walk Safely to School Day and Bike Month. This is where our online attendees left us due to room- teams connectivity issues, however, these attendees were provided with minutes, photos and the Power Point slides after the meeting as well as their drink bottle, planner and activity list a hand delivered to them after the session.

Champions then sat in groups and used the Your Move Provided Planner and Activity list to plan their year ahead over afternoon tea.

All Champions went home with bin stickers, school parking leaflets and Map Your Move leaflets. The school parking brochures were popular and more will be delivered to schools soon.

Overall, a great session and I am looking forward to hosting our next online meeting. Thanks to all attendees and a special mention to Amy and Sarah.

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James (Your Move)

Great start to the year with your schools Sophie - really nice! Wonderful to hear everything you covered with an excellent interactive planning session too. You have earned 20 points for hosting this and another 20 for the rich story details.

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