Collecting Baseline Data & Results

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Our Your Move leaders organised how they were going to collect the start-of-year travel survey. The Early Childhood classes completed the survey in a face-to-face context, while Yrs 2-6 completed the survey digitally, using a QR code and online form.

The Year 4 Your Move class prepared the online form to collect the data digitally during a Digital Technologies & Digital Literacy lesson. After the survey day they collated the results and emailed the class responses to the YM Coordinator for uploading onto the YM Schools website.

The results of the baseline data survey were: 54% came by car, 29% rode bikes/scooters and 17% walked. This is an improvement on the 2023 start-of-year data. In 2023 62% of students came to school by car. Interestingly, this year our bike/scooter category has increased by 16%, from 13% last year. Hopefully our 2023 interventions promoting bike safety, bike education and special event bike days has contributed to this improvement.

The 2024 YM team aims to build on our bike ed achievements further this year by additional bike promotion activities. They started well with their Ride 2 School Day success this term! Next term we are running bike maintenance and bike ed sessions, so this aims to development riding skills and enhance riding safety and for enjoyment. Roll on Term 2!

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James (Your Move)

Yay Team Coolbinia - I can breathe a sigh of relief now that your HUS is lodged (and earning you 50 points in the process of uploading it!). Thanks for sharing the details of how the team collected the results - and great to hear that things are on the up 😊. You have earned 20 points for these reflections!

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