PL Goals & Takeaways

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

On Friday 12th April I attended Your Move's PL. It was an honour to be a guest presenter. I explained how to teach the Greenhouse Effect & the related CO2 experiment, which is documented in the YM resources. It is a fabulous science experiment that truly engages the students! Check out the other lesson plans in the YM resources section.

Other presenters talked about the paving infrastructure they have in their new schools as it is so good to use for promoting bike confidence. I particularly liked the idea of Years 1-3 riding on this signposted paving for fun! My school was built in the 1950s and doesn't have similar paving, so the challenge for me is to find a different way to run a lunchtime riding club!

Additional ideas that I learnt about and are worth checking out in my context include: 1. finding out which classes in my school use the SDERA Road Safety resources as this an excellent way to promote bike safety; 2. checking that students are wearing their helmets when riding to and from school.

In summary my PL goals are:1. find a location to trial a lunchtime riding club; use SDERA Road Safety resources; and 3. check helmet-use. Overall, a valuable PL. Thank you YM for organising this event.

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Hello Elaine, it was so great to hear your wonderful presentation and to meet a YM legend! Your enthusiasm is contagious. ✨ Thank you for your thoughtful reflections and insights on the PL and how they apply to your context. 🦉 50 points have been awarded for the PL attendance and 30 for your reflections in this detailed story update. 🌈😄🙌 Go well!

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