Fancy Free in 23!

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Coolbinia's Your Move (YM) team has started work for the new school year. One Year 4 YM class has been divided into 4 groups and these students will all have a turn at being YM leaders in Semester 1, 2 groups in Term 1 and 2 groups in Term 2. Our other Year 4 class will be the YM students in Semester 2. This way all Year 4 students will have experience promoting YM.

The YM plan for the first group of YM students includes: 1. conducting face-to-face Hands Up surveys in the Early Childhood classes and creating digital surveys using QR codes for year levels 2-6, 2. creating fancy free posters and decorated feet to promote YM; 3. conducting a Fume Free Friday (FFF) event on Friday 24 February; and 4. creating fancy free chalk footprints on the paths to the school gates to encourage walking to school.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Arlene and the whole crew at Coolbinia! Like a well oiled (green) machine Coolbinia is off and running - great to see 👀. I look forward to reading about your first FFF and the other promotions you have planned for the term. You have earned 60 points for starting up your new team and another 10 for sharing all your upcoming plans. Have a wonderful week 😊.

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Thanks James for your feedback. Yes, we have a very enthusiastic Your Move team this term! They are keen to make a difference!

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