Kids Teaching Kids

Elaine Lewis
Coolbinia Primary School

Year 6 students from Coolbinia Primary will be presenting sphero robot workshops at the forthcoming Kids Teaching Kids Conference in Mandurah. One of the workshops involves a sphero story about being travelsmart, encouraging everyone to engage with the Your Move initiative. We'll report more on this workshop after the conference. We are using Digital and Design Technologies to promote Your Move!

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Wow Elaine! This sounds amazing. I'm really excited to hear more about the format of your workshops and how it all goes!

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We are so excited to be able to bring our Team to the KTKC! This will be a real learning experience for Team & mentor alike.Thank you to Tim, Jess & the Baldivis SC Green Team for helping us out with transport. We are also especially looking forward to meeting up with our Coolbinia YM buddies . Count us in at your presentation!

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Thanks Arlene and Rachael for your comments. The students were doing their final touch-ups to their props today - they were painting cars, buildings, people and lots more - very exciting! Yes, I'll certainly be adding news and pictures from the KTKC to YM. : )

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