The Your Move students organised and ran another successful Your Move event on Thursday.

We were a bit disappointed to see a drop in the number of students taking travel smart methods to school. During our reflection time we attributed that to the recent shift in weather forecasts and the fact that a storm was scheduled to hit that day.

We are looking at running at least one Fume Free Friday this term and discussing how we could get some parents involved to help run the morning's events. We are thinking of adding a call for volunteers in our future bulletin posts, like the one that has been attached to this post.

During our next collaborative DOTT session, we will be looking at the other blog posts to get some inspiration from the other awesome events and initiatives being run by other Your Move schools.

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James (Your Move)

It looks like lots happening at Coolbinia! Your NWS2SD event earned you 15 points (more available if you let us know of any other things that happened as part of the day - eg raffles, healthy breaksfast, competitions etc). You also got 15 points for your plans for a regular FFF, and 5 points each for sharing your flyer and reflections. Well done! Does the last photo show some kind of competition you ran?

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