All of Coolbinia’s Year 4s are participating in a bike education program during this term. The cost of this series of lessons has been paid for from our Your Move program using our reward points. The two classes of Year 4s were selected to participate in bike education lessons in preparation for being Year 5 Your Move student leaders next year. The photos show the students checking their helmets to ensure correct fitting, as well as learning how to identify the appropriate inflation of the tyres and to mount and dismount their bikes safely.

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Fantastic use of the YourMove points Elaine! Seems like a good opportunity to get the kids comfortable and confident with their bikes - riding and a great starting point for basic maintenance. Hope they enjoyed it! Extra points for the bike helmet with horns too. I kind of want one now!

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, the students are enjoying the weekly lessons. These lessons not only enhance their own skills and safety awareness but also prepare them for their Your Move roles in Year 5.

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