Coolbinia Primary School's special TravelSmart Day on 4th March was a great success. We improved the number of students travelling in a TravelSmart way by 10%, from 31% to 41%. We also enjoyed handing out the stickers and raffle tickets on the day. There were 20 prizes drawn from the raffle ticket bowl. These prizes included bike bells, locks, wristbands, shoe pets and TS drink bottles.

The term 1 TS team met today to calculate the % improvement as a result of our TS Day promotion, write notes for the ning and to develop a rap to explain the eco footprint and social handprint. We enjoyed this activity.

Our next TS meeting will be our last for this term. : ( Next term there will be a new TS team.
Angus, Aaron, Max, Emily, Claudia & Vivian

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