Walk Safely to School Day Results

Elaine Lewis

Last Friday, 19th May, was Walk Safely to School Day. Your Move team members waited at our school gates to hand out stickers and raffle tickets to students who came to school by walking or riding. Afterwards we visited all Year 1 - 6 classes and did the Hands-up survey.

The results of the Hands-up survey showed more students are making the 'move' and coming to school in ways other than travelling in the car. On 14th March, our Term 1 special day - National Ride 2 School Day, 41% of students walked or rode, while on our Term 2 special day - Walk Safely to School Day, 45% walked or rode. Our pre and post survey figures for this term also show an improvement: 38% walked or rode on Friday 12 May and 45% walked or rode on Friday 19 May. We are making steady progress!

Today the Your Move team met to select the winning raffle tickets, display the prizes and organise the PA announcement telling everyone the good news. Tomorrow, at recess, the winners will collect their prizes ... and what fabulous prizes these are! More on this tomorrow!

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Very impressive turn out Coolbinia Primary, that's fantastic! Great to hear so many students are choosing active ways of getting to school. The warm inner glow you get from walking or cycling to school is great in itself but having a raffle with fabulous prizes is just another little bonus. Any tips you could give to other schools so they can replicate your success? Is having a strong student leadership team key? Be great to see some pics of the happy smiling faces at the school gates!

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Thanks Jenny. Yes, an organised and enthusiastic leadership team is vital to the success of Your Move at Coolbinia.

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