Walking Safely in Term 2 - Survey Results

Elaine Lewis

Coolbinia Primary recorded interesting results for the Term 2 Walk to School Safely event. 361 students participated in Term 2, compared with 228 students in Term 1 Hands-Up Survey. There were less students at school on our Term 1 special YM day because of COVID 19 absences.

Comparing the April and June YM special days we found a 12% decrease in students coming to school by car, while there was a 47% increase in students walking to school in Term 2. Interestingly, there was a 19% decrease in cycling for the Term 2 event. Why was that? The day was a sunny day so it wasn't a weather issue; perhaps it was a COVID 19 impact with walking being viewed as safer?

Kindy to Year 1 students completed the survey using the hands-up model, while Years 2-6 participated using a QR code and digital form. The latter initiative is proving to be more efficient in time and decreases classroom disruption. Overall a great innovation for YM at Coolbinia Primary!

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James (Your Move)

Yes that is very interesting about the big increases in walking, but reductions in cycling. I got the impression that cycling had also increased in many other schools, so I do wonder what the cause was for the reduction you found on your event day. You have earned 15 points for your analysis of your W2SD survey results plus a bonus 15 points for the innovation of using QR codes to access the survey.

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