Walking Wonders at Coolbinia!

Elaine Lewis

Isn't it wonderful how special events incentivise students to come to school in an active way! Coolbinia PS held the Walk Safely to School Day today. It was a huge success as the bike racks were full and 148 students came in an active way. Overall 46% of students came to school riding their bike or scooter, or walking. This is an improvement on our start of the year active transport figure of 38% of active students.

How did we achieve this improvement? The Year 4 Your Move leadership team organised all the activities building up to the event. For example, this week they met to sort out raffle prizes into 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize categories. They also agreed who would attend the four gates into the school. The T-shirts and boxes of stickers, tattoos, eco tokens and raffle tickets were prepared.

Students in the YM team arrived at school at 8am, collected their gear then went to the gates to await the arrival of the other students. They handed out the Walk Safely to School Day tattoos or stickers to everyone and those who came in an active way also received eco tokens and raffle tickets. When the bell went at 8.35am the YM team headed back to a classroom to select the raffle winners.

Raffle winners were advised of their success and they came to collect their prizes at recess.

As you can see from the photos, the students had a wonderful time ... whether they were in the YM leadership team or participated in the event. Congratulations to all involved!

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James (Your Move)

You are certainly right about those photos showing a great time 😁! Not just fun and smiles though - excellent results too. Well done Team! You have earned 40 points for your event, plus 20 points for all the story details and those excellent participation results. Have a super-duper weekend 🌞.

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Thanks James. It is always such a joy when the students are so enthusiastic about their leadership roles. They take it very seriously. I'm so impressed with them and their blossoming confidence.

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