Ann Carr
Highgate Primary School

Our enthusiastic and energetic Yr5 Your Move student team created awesome posters to advertise Whacky Wheelie Wednesday which we put up around the school. We also posted it in the school news letter encouraging students to decorate and ride their bicycles or scooters to school. We added a link to a registration form required for all participants. This helped us with our planning and organisation.

A large number of our students had great fun celebrating Whacky Wheelie Wednesday, on Wednesday 25 August, travelling to school on their decorated bikes, scooters and skateboards. There were many whacky, amazing, creative designs, including rainbows, unicorns, aliens, creepy snakes, and spiders. We even travelled the world with a rickshaw from India and Santa from the North Pole. Well done to all the participants!!!

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James (Your Move)

That rickshaw has just made my day 😍! What a creative bunch you have at Highgate, Ann. And you all have just earned yourselves 102 points, including 40 points for having your WWW event, 20 points for including a Dress Up Your Bike activity, 22 points for including active travel in your school newsletter this term and 10 points for making my day with a lovely story. Have a wonderful weekend 😊!

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