Parent Survey Results

Danielle Howton
Honeywood Primary School

During Open Night parents had to complete a Health Education Survey as part of their passport to be stamped during the night.

Each classes surveys were collected and the results were collated.

Results were collated into Kindy. PP, year 1. year 2/3, year 4/5/6.

Additionally the results were then averaged out to become a whole school data collection.

Road safety was indicated as the most important Health concept to be taught during health sessions.

The data will be used to help with future planning of the Health Curriculum as we have a clear indication of what parents views are on individual health topics. We have a clear understanding of what parents value and can build on this and a clear understanding of what parents need more knowledge and understanding about.

I have attached a copy of the analysed results.

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James (Your Move)

It's very interesting to see the value placed on road education (almost 100% thinking it is either essential or very important). Thanks for sharing that Danielle. We've already given you points for this activity in another story, but I've also given you 10 points for uploading the results document and 10 for the additional details.

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