Sustainability is a growing focus at our school in 2019 and we're looking forward to getting things moving!

In late Term One, our Sustainability Committee met and discussed being involved in the Your Move program. We know that our school is unique in that we have two separate high schools operating from our one shared campus. We also have a large enrollment catchment where distance and geography makes traveling to school a complex process for some pupils. As we're on the outskirts of the metropolitan area, public transport is relied on by many students... exactly how many we're yet to confirm.

Being a large high school, simple things like a survey take a little bit of juggling in order to find a day when 'most' students will be in class. After officially registering for Your Move at the beginning of the term, we have now made some excellent progress!

Our Leadership team has approved our next steps.
Our Student Council is engaged and ready to start.
Our 'Hands Up' survey is on the calendar.

Over the next few weeks we're looking forward to gathering the responses from across the school and getting a better understanding of how students are choosing to travel.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sarah, and welcome to Your Move! Well done for posting your first story - it is very interesting to hear of the particular issues you have and of the progress you have already made in getting YM up and running. You have earned 12 points for posting your first story plus a bonus 10 for the helpful level of details. Let us know when you get a student team together and you'll earn some more points! See you soon.

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Hi Sarah. Great to hear all the news from Kalamunda SHS and get an insight into the challenges you face. Fantastic to hear you are prepared to tackle these and that you have the students on board and ready to help with getting YM up and running as part of your Sustainability agenda. The YM Schools team are always on hand if you need any extra help or support.

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David (Your Move)

Great to hear from you Sarah. Looking forward helping KSHS take their first steps with the program. Let us know if you'd like to talk through some strategies for surveying your large student group. Once the survey is in, you'll be able to determine which Your Move activities are going to best suit the needs of the school. You're on the right track, getting started with your survey and a student group is a great start!

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