After a slow start to regular attendance of our cross walk attendant this year we decided to liaise with our traffic warden unit, who worked along with us to ensure that our attendant was more regular and gave us ample notice when she wasn't going to be at school. We have been popping out during the week to check on our lovely traffic warden and have found this regular contact has been great for keeping the communication lines open and increasing attendance rate.

We also, under the advise of the state traffic warden unit, advertised for parents to elect to be trained as a traffic warden so that we had back up when required.

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James (Your Move)

Lovely to see your traffic warden in all her vibrancy, Mel! Yes - thanks for the reminder of how important communication and positive reinforcement is, especially for volunteers. You have earned 80 points for boosting your crossing capacity, 10 points for your informative story and another 10 for sharing 'lessons learned'. Keep is up to date with your future training!

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Thanks for your comment! Can't wait to share some pics of our community volunteers once we get them all trained up :)

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