NWS2SD classroom activities

Noranda Primary school
Noranda Primary School

To celebrate the NWS2SD, a colouring-in competition was held. The Student Road Safety team went class to class in the led up to the event day handing out the colouring-in sheets and explaining what the event day was all about.

Two days before NWS2SD, the team meet up to decide who the winners were. Every classroom had a winner assigned and the team put together a small gift pack as a prize for all.

Mrs Doherty’s Yr 1 class also completed an Art and writing lesson based on the theme of NWS2SD. In Art class, the kids worked together to recreate the Beatles Abbey Road album cover. A lot of fun was had and the lesson consolidated the Super Cat lesson completed a couple of weeks ago.

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James (Your Move)

I love the creativity Mrs Doherty has brought to the surface through her classroom activities, and your competition entries are looking really vibrant! On top of the 25 points you earned for the comp I have given you another 15 points for running the activities with the year 1s. A great way to top off your WS2SD!

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