Volunteer Power at Noranda

Zarina Sallie
Noranda Primary School

Our volunteers at today's Ride2School event were indispensable. We are very thankful for their help and it is much appreciated. The students loved the welcome that was given to them and the Your Move team loved the guidance and troubleshooting that our volunteers offered. Here is what one of our volunteers, Mary, had to say: " We were so excited about Ride2School Day, even though, I had not ridden a bike in 40 years! The excitement overtook us and when we got to school, we realised that we had forgotten our schoolbags at home. "

Our volunteers were also impressed at the leadership opportunities that the program presented to the students.

Our volunteers collected some data and helped to hand out raffle tickets on the day.

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James (Your Move)

Great story Zarina - often the efforts of volunteers can be overlooked after the big day, but not at Noranda! I have linked your story to the "Volunteer Power" activity which gives you 65 points. You also received 40 points for your R2SD celebration, plus 10 points for giving us a great read (I love that snippet that your event had got Mary on her bike for the first time in 40 years!)

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Thank you James. Our staff, students, parents and volunteers had a fabulous morning.

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