Small School - Lots of Passion!

Emma Harris
North Morley Primary School

It is the end of Term 3 and we are so proud of achievements in 2020 so far - despite COVID-19!! Our biggest achievement this year is handing over the YourMove program from a few dedicated parent volunteers to our 'Green Team' of students lead by a very passionate teacher - Ms Everall.

Ms Everall teaches our Yr 4/5 class and was new to our school this year. She has taken on the role of Sustainability Leader in our school with great gusto! This means our YourMove goals are now embedded within a whole school sustainability plan and our students take on more responsibility in promoting active transport to school.

We still rely on our amazing parent volunteers who continue our Walking School Bus every Monday and Friday mornings throughout the school year, but we love that everyone in our school community has a role in the YourMove program - teachers, students and parents!

Here is our fabulous Walking School Bus Crew in front of our YourMove board and new active transport student banner. We may only be a small government school of 180 students, but when you have the passion to make things happen - anything is possible! Never underestimate volunteer power!!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Emma - that is a real evolution for YM at North Morley. I'm glad to hear though that the parent volunteers will still be involved, as it is so important to share the workload (and glory!) with a program like YM. You have earned 65 points for your past (and ongoing) engagement of volunteers, plus 10 for an engaging write-up. I can also see two potential follow up stories here - one on your new student team's first meeting (worth 60+ points) and another on your banner (a potential 30+ points). Even though it is school holidays, you know that there is no rest for the wicked, hey?

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