Working together to improve parking issues

Emma Harris

At North Morley Primary School parents, local citizens and our local government - City of Stirling - work together to keep our children safe. This is especially important in regards to parking and flow of traffic around the school at the busy drop off and pick up times.

Like most schools, parking around our school is an ongoing issue. But last year when we were due to have building works commence we anticipated the increased dramas that may ensue and approached the City of Stirling to work with us to reduce parking issues during the construction phase and into the future. This involved updating parking restrictions on one street, requesting more pathways around the school and updating our parking notice to include a 'park and walk' option.

The parking signs were updated almost immediately by City of Stirling following an onsite meeting, we are now on the waitlist for funding for our footpath and the whole process initiated our Walking School Bus which is still in action today! When there is teamwork and collaboration - great things can be achieved!!

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James (Your Move)

Thanks Emma - it's always very satisfying to hear about successful collaborations. You earned yourself 30 YM points when you correctly linked this to the "Suggestions to Local Gov" activity. I have also given you 90 points for your WSB running in term 2, plus a bonus 10 for all the helpful details (uploading the parking notice really made it easy to digest the extent of the operation).

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James (Your Move)

Oh, a couple of queries - was the IGA actively on board? Is the parking privately owned or is it a City of Stirling car park?

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Thanks James. IGA was not actively part of this - although they are longstanding supporters of our school and P&C. It was the representative from the City of Stirling who suggested this Park and Walk option from the small local shopping complex.

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David (Your Move)

This is a great story, thanks Emma. It's really positive to hear about the P&C proactively collaborating with City of Stirling to improve safety and traffic flow around the school, whilst also advocating for more pathways. Also great to hear the City of Stirling Rep promoting the park and walk initiative!

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