Walk to School Day 2023

Lindi Harding
St Augustine's School

Walk Safely to School Day is one of our 4 big active travel events in the St Augustine's annual calendar. The Your Move Student Team were keen to host a great event to keep 'spreading active travel fever' throughout their community.

In our planning session we outlined the main objectives:

  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Prizes
  • Stickers/tattoos
  • Breakfast
  • Survey
  • Promotion

The team created promotional flyers and as a team we promoted the event heavily via multiple platforms: face to face (in each classroom), social media, school newsletter, parents app, classroom app and posters plastered around the school.

The student team helped to prepare the stickers and tattoos, including your move coloured sponges cut to size for easy tattoo application!

On the morning of the event the team greeted every student with a sticker and tattoo. Students also returned their scavenger hunt worksheets and helped themselves to a healthy breakfast sponsored by our local IGA.

At 8:30, which is usually peak 'drop off' time. There were only 5 cars in the whole car parking area.

The results of the hands up survey at the end of the day showed that this was St Augustine's most successful active travel day ever! (so far....)

78% of students travelled to school by walking, riding or scooting.

There is a follow-up activity where the YM student team undertake some historical data analysis on this - stay tuned!

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James (Your Move)

Your best AT day yet and only 5 cars 😀 - what a brilliant results! And almost 80% AT - you guys are amazing 😊. Your W2SD event has earned you 40 points, plus 20 points for your engaging story.

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