10,000 Steps Challenge

Alix Oakes

Throughout the month of October, around 250 people in 47 teams within Stantec Australia are putting their best feet forward in the annual 10,000 step challenge! At the half way mark the competitors had clocked up 36.7 million steps - the equivalent of walking from Sydney to London and back again!

As part of the challenge, participants are also able to log moderate and vigorous activity which may not ordinarily increase steps as a way to encourage physical activity in whatever form it may take.

And there are also weekly bonus challenges which attract extra points and include getting active and walking with your team (and providing evidence!) and posting photographs of interesting things while on your walk. More bonus points will become available as the challenge progresses!

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James (Your Move)

36.7 million must be the biggest number of steps I have heard reported on Your Move 😲 - well done everyone! And I think perhaps you need to have an award for the most creative team name - I'm undecided between Worst Pace Scenario and the Holy Walkamolies 🤣. Stantec have earned 25 points for promoting this challenge to employees, plus 10 points for providing all the details - I particularly like how posting photos of your walk is part of the challenge. I look forward to hearing the end result!

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James (Your Move)

BTW - don't forget to let us know how the local WA teams go!

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