Carpool Not Karaoke

Sally Batho

In an effort to encourage sustainable, earth friendly, and wallet happy choices for those who drive into the city for work on a regular basis, our Developing Professionals Group recently put out the call out to register for a carpooling program.

The initiative is designed to connect colleagues who live close to each other so they can share the cost of petrol and parking, reduce their impact on the environment and help reduce congestion in and out of the CBD.

The first iteration had 16 people registered narrowed down in to 5 groups of staff who live locally to each other.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move Sally! Great to know that you have kicked off a car pooling system at Stantec - your Developing Professionals Group has earned 50 points for this initiative 🙂. You have also earned 12 points for this being your first story at Your Move and 10 for the details you shared. Make sure you let us know how the system goes in operation. Have a wonderful week 😊.

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Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre Trust

Great idea to recognise Carpoolers in this way, Sally, and help them all get to know each other a bit more too!

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