Getting the basics right

Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

Active Transport and sustainable transport is encouraged at the Town of Cambridge. End of trip facilities are available, not as flash as the ones in the City, but still functional.

Showers, lockers, and bike parking is available. However, the basics can make a difference such as having a good bike pump, tyre repair kits, and spare towels.

Recently one more basic piece of equipment was identified when a Director was hanging his cycling clothes on his car to dry. An immediate trip to the local hardware store was arranged and a top of the range drying rack was purchased making our cyclists happy.

Staff making use of public transport to travel to work is rewarded with a Your Move water bottle and towel. Corporate SmartRiders are available to staff to use for meetings, especially city meetings.

During induction training new staff members are familiarised with the facilities and the option to make use of the SmartRiders for business purposes.

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James (Your Move)

I love a good story about a quick fix to a real AT barrier 🥰. You have earned 60 points for upgrading your end of trip drying facilities. Great to hear too about how you include AT in your induction training - that has earned you another 30 points. You also earned 10 for the informative and engaging nature of your story 😊.

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