Who stole our cyclists?

Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

The Town of Cambridge participated in the 2022 Super Tuesday Bike Count. The Bike Count is a national program run by @bicycle_network on the first Tuesday in March every year between 7-9am.

The number of bike riders are counted by volunteers at predetermined sites to compare results over time. This year we observed a significant drop in numbers at the Lake Monger Drive, Mitchell Freeway Path and Southport Street intersection, a drop of 73% was observed. Similarly across the Southport Street footbridge a drop of 71% was observed.

After an early morning office chat, we came up with a possible conclusion that the new Principal Shared Path along the Mitchell Freeway has diverted bike riders towards the eastern side of the freeway. Even though we like to keep our bike riders, the PSP provides a safer route especially considering the alternative along the eastern side of Lake Monger where commuter bike riders and early morning walkers and runners come into contact.

If you, unlike us, make use of the route please help us solve the mystery and let us know why the drop in numbers happened. Feel free to contact the Town's Senior Sustainability Officer at sustainability@cambridge.wa.gov.au if you have a solution or would like to know more about the Bike Count.

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James (Your Move)

This is very interesting, Janine. I know that over the years the amount of communter bikes on the Lake Monger path has caused some conflict issues, so I can see why the Town is happy to see more bikes of the parallel PSP. Although your story doesn't cover an 'official' Your Move activity, you have earned 10 points for sharing this interesting information. BTW - did this call out also appear in other media, such as a newsletter or on social media?

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