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Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

The Town of Cambridge received numerous complaints regarding the behaviour of path users along Lake Monger. The circular route is popular with young and old, including walkers, dog-walkers, cyclists, mums with prams and commuter cyclists.

In a previous story we shared how our Rangers are now cycling along the paths to increase interaction and share the message of respect an consideration. We also installed signs along the paths to Share, Respect and Enjoy the paths. Thank you to the City of Busselton for allowing us to use their designs and allowing for consistent messaging across different areas.

Lake Monger was also pictured on the ABC's Facebook page discussing whether we all share paths nicely or not and how being considerate and observant goes a long way.

How to share paths are further reinforced through our Schools Bike Education program presented by Bike Smart. Students are taught to say thank you and give way to others. During a cycling excursion around Herdsman Lake a member of the public complimented the Floreat Park Principal on the behaviour of students who applied the principles.

More signs will be installed around the Town at hot spots and comments and suggestions from the public are always welcomed.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Janine - you've included some lovely snippets of info in this story. It is wonderful hearing that feedback you have received about the positive cycling etiquette of the Floreat Park students. Also nice to hear about the rangers' community engagement. Together with your coverage by the ABC you have earned the "Promote active transport" YM activity, so I have linked your story to that which earns you 25 points, plus a 10 point bonus for giving us such a good read. Have a great weekend!

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