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Janine Roets
Town of Cambridge

The Town of Cambridge has Smart Riders available to staff members to use for business trips across the City. They are encouraged to plan their journeys to take the shortest and most convenient route to their destinations by making use of public transport or walking or cycling.

We are located in a great area with great food and coffee option, but unfortunately the spots are just to far for us to walk to. Our People and Culture Section came up with a plan and brought the coffee to us. Three times a week we have the luxury of getting a coffee at our back door. This creates an opportunity to go outside and enjoy the beautiful days and view on Bold Park as well as catching up for a chat with a colleague you have not seen in a while.

Our Rangers have reduced their kilometres travelled by vehicle and increased the kilometres cycled. Various areas are now monitored on bicycles, along Lake Monger, Perry Lakes and the beaches. This is viewed in a positive light by the residents as conversations are started up easily.

Bike Month funding will be used to encourage more staff to cycle to work. A bike maintenance kit and pump is available. We have installed an additional, larger shower and larger lockers to store work clothes in, but we would like to encourage more colleagues to cycle.

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James (Your Move)

A jammed packed story Janine! Thanks for sharing some of the ways Cambridge is reducing it's carbon emissions in the fight for Planet A (you have earned youself 100 bonus points for that!). By correctly linking your story to the "Smartriders" activity you automatically received 50 points. I have also just given you 60 points for upgrading your showers and lockers. With your tool kit as well, you seem to be well set for bike month. I'm glad to hear that residents appreciate the rangers being out on their bikes too.

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