Bust a Move - staff incentive pilot program

Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park

How the program works:

-Cycle, walk, carpool or use public transport ($100 Smart Rider card trial - more info on form) to get to and from work, at least 2 days per week,
from Monday 31 July to Friday 25 August.

-Fill out your trip tracker (see trip tracker) each week and email to Nichola, then collect your free coffee voucher on Thurday afternoons. (You will also have a pledge black board at your desk to remind you to do your 2x trips per week)
- What if I dont? = Flexible to make up day the week after or change days around :)

Up to 2x free coffee vouchers per week are avaliable (4x trips = 1 free coffee, 1 trip = 1 way)
PLUS if you accumulate......
20 x trips = $20 Coles voucher
40 x trips = $40 Coles voucher

And there is a SPECIAL prize for person with the most trips at the celebration cooked breakfast!

Also managment have approved ‘15 minute’s grace’ to shower at work, if you walk or cycle in!
(Based on communication with your manager)

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Kylie (Your Move)

This sounds like such a comprehensive staff incentive program that we would love to feature it at an upcoming Your Move forum. I know our other champions will have lots of questions about the detail such as: how did you get approval and what about the Fringe Benefit Tax implications? I'd be really keen to know - once you are up and running - what the staff uptake is like. Best of luck Nichola it sounds like a really well thought out and engaging program.

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Great ideas! Look forward to hearing how it goes and seeing if we can use some of the ideas here in Albany :)

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