ToVP staff gearing up to Bust a move

Nichola Brydon
Town of Victoria Park


ToVP staff were asked to complete a travel survey (using the fabulous survey tool on this website) last month and the results are in from the 73 people who completed it……………


 87% drive

 6% cycle

 5% walk

 3% catch PT


 20x people (28%) live within less than 5km to work

 10x people (14%) live 5-10km from work

 8x people (11%) live 20-30km from work

 10x people (14%) live more than 30km from work


Where to from here – we are currently creating a staff travel incentive pilot program for the month of August. Staff will be rewarded (with coffee vouchers and vouchers) for sustainable or active trips to work (where viable) to ‘walk the talk’ in the community (modes: walking, cycling, public transport, car-pooling)

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Please note it was for admin staff only :)

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Kylie (Your Move)

We love it when data analysis leads to planning! Especailly when what is planned is a staff reward system that we know will work. Can't wait to hear your results (and thanks for talking up our great new survey tool).

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