A walk a day-keeps our jitters away!

Julia Horgan

Yay! For more children walking to school!

A walk is truly a blessing!

We are celebrating here at Ursula Frayne, more and more students are walking and riding to school in this beautiful Western Australian weather. We do see a decrease when it is raining in the mornings, however when the sun is shining that’s when the walking or riding to school begins. Our bike racks are full on a sunny day also.

Walking to school can help to increase our sense of wellbeing by making us feel more awake, focused and cheerful. It is great for your child each school morning as it can improve their levels of concentration in class. Neuroscientists believe that if we walk regularly, our brains can function more efficiently. Teachers have reported that the students are more settled, engaged and eager to learn.

As the weather continues to improve we hope to see more and more students walk to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Julia, great to see you back for Term 3! Yes, active travel is such a bonus for our mental and physical health - and it is great to hear that there's lots of it happening at Ursula Frayne 😊. Make sure you let us know if you have any active travel promotions, events or classroom activities happening. You could try a Winter Walk event if you haven't already!

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