RIDE2SCHOOL Morning! What a terrific morning participating in Ride2School Day today! What a turn out, from 8am with eager faces waiting outside the gates. We had about 95% from each class ride or scoot to school, with younger and older siblings as well, we even had parents and grandparents ride along with their children.

The local police joined us, handing out stickers and hats this was enjoyed by all, with most students and adults including teachers having a selfie with our local police officers. 120kgs of fruit was donated by our local Coles supermarket, this was a welcomed treat by our students. Our Ride2School stickers from YourMove was also very popular.

Our staff and parents involved in this event helped to raise awareness of healthy habits, for getting from A to B! Our Assistant Head of school handed out prizes and our PnF donated two vouchers for Rebel sport! We are sure these prizes and vouchers will be enjoyed by those lucky winners. What a suscessful and enjoyable Ride2School morning!

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James (Your Move)

Welcome to Your Move - what a super first story you have posted as a new Champion 😄! It looks like a brilliant celebration of Ride2School Day where everything came together so well. You have earned 12 points for posting your first story, 40 points for your NR2SD celebration and 20 points sharing that rich detail including those amazing participation rates. See you again soon I hope 😉!

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