WALGA Thrive Day 2023 - Crazy bike fun!

Melanie Davies

This year WALGA launched our Thrive@WALGA Wellbeing Program. The aim of the program is to guide WALGA to deliver strategies and provide an environment that contributes to a culture where employees will thrive, with a number of workshops and events held throughout the year.

Our Thrive Day 2023 on 27 June provided a full day of health and wellness activities for staff, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness, art and massages. Staff were encourage to participate in at least one activity on offer, and take a moment to socialise with colleagues and enjoy the simple things. Each year the Your Move team at WALGA aims to incorporate a sustainable transport activity in the day.

Following a tip from the Town of Bassendean that a Your Move activity with crazy bikes was popular with staff, we thought it would be a novel experience for both regular cyclists and those that rarely get on a bike in our organisation.

We engaged Keos Events to bring a range of crazy bikes to try, including penny farthings, unicycles, bucking bikes, stepper bikes, miniature bikes and more. The bikes were available in our building courtyard, with staff popping down over a two hour session to test their riding skills. The activity was a lot of fun, with many laughs by participants and observers! It also provided an opportunity for the Your Move core team to catch up with new staff that may be interested in joining us to plan and deliver future initiatives and activities.

We thoroughly recommend crazy bikes as an engaging staff activity and conversation starter under the Your Move workplace program.

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James (Your Move)

What fun! Judging by the photos, this addition to your Thrive day has clearly fired up the serotonin of staff at WALGA and I suspect that more than a few will be dusting off their bikes to get ready for a commute to work in the near future 😁. You have earned 40 points for this promotion of cycling to staff and 10 points for your engaging story. PS great to see you back for 2023, Melanie!

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