Bike Ed Lessons

Mike Gilders
Walliston Primary School

At Walliston Primary School, during Term 4, our Yr 5 & 6 students have had the opportunity to participate in Bike Ed Lessons, presented by our PE Teacher, Mr Levy.

Each week, the students were put through their paces on our basketball court practicing their balance, hand signalling, road awareness and general bike safety. We were very lucky that we were able to have a 98% rate of attendance of our senior students.

The lessons in the final two weeks have been very practical in their activities. The students have had the opportunity to test their skills on the roads around our school before we head to the RAC Constable Care Safety School for our Bike Ed Workshop.

Some students even got to have a practice on the local mountain bike trails in the bush nearby.

More information and pictures to come from our Excursion next week.

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James (Your Move)

Great story Mike - giving us so much information has earned you a bonus 10 points, on top of the 80 you earned for the Bike Ed sessions! Walliston is very lucky to have Mr Levy available to give in-house Bike Ed sessions. And 98% participation is amazing! I'm looking forward to hearing how everyone enjoys the upcoming Constable Care excursion.

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