The blender bike was borrowed from COR to provide smoothies to our Active Travellers on NWS2SD. Blender bike participants were selected from our Star Carders. Funding from the COR for NWS2SD was used to provide the ingredients for the blender bike smoothies.

Thank you to Ms Riley for organizing with the COR to borrow the blender bike & for getting the ingredients needed for the smoothies. Thank you also to our P&C for assisting first thing in the morning (when we were walking!) Lastly thanks to everyone who used pedal power to boost those smoothies!

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How good are the blender bikes!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

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James (Your Move)

I spotted that you haven't ticked off the "Volunteer Power" activity in 2021 yet Arlene. So I linked it to this story as clearly everyone is pitching in at Warnbro - so you have earned another 65 points. Have you considered selling electricity back to Synergy?

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It was a fun filled day. We continued making smoothie during recess and lunch. There were plenty of volunteers ready to make a new batch.

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