The City of Vincent has recently purchased two e-bikes for our rangers to use. Our rangers have recently moved back from Osbourne Park to our admin building in Vincent. This means that the whole city is much more accessible for them and it is hoped they will use the e-bikes rather than cars for short journeys, such as trips into Leederville or Mt Hawthorn.

The rangers were consulted before the bikes were purchased to ensure they were fit for purpose and met their needs. A local bike shop (BikeMore, Subiaco) kindly brought several different bikes down to a taster session where our rangers could try them out and give their feedback. This feedback formed part of our final procurement decision and has helped ensure the bikes are used. We will be meeting with the rangers again once the bikes have been in use for over a month to see if there is anything else we can do to support their use e.g. mirrors, phone holders, one to one lessons etc

Seven rangers have been using the bikes and over 140km have been logged since the bikes launched 3 weeks ago.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Sam - it sounds like you went through a really thorough process to ensure the success of this project. I really like how you are having a followup feedback session. Also that is really smart bringing the rangers base back into the heart of the City of VIncent. Great to see Mayor Cole right in the thick of it too! I've linked your story to the "Provide pool bike for staff" activity which gives you 60 points, plus you got a bonus 10 for clearly outlining your recipe for success.

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Kylie (Your Move)

I just love the growth demonstrated in this story - from pool bikes at the admin, to bike libraries for the community to pool bikes for Rangers - the City of Vincent continues to grow as a bike friendly local government.

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