Our e-Bike is ready to roll for staff!

Aaron Lee
City of Wanneroo

After many months of documenting the OSH Task Procedure, Risk Assessment, Guideline and Conditions of Use required for staff to simply be able staff to ride the City's e-Bike for short local 5-10km work and reasonable personal use trips, it is FINALLY ready to roll! Although this has taken a lot of time, hard work and strong advocacy to encourage more cycling in the City of Wanneroo workplace this is a huge small step to creating a more cycling oriented work environment for staff including myself. Any queries welcome and I am happy to share our documentation should others be keen to get any e-Bikes up and running in their workplace. This is also a key outcome of the City's current cycle plan which is a fantastic achievement.

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James (Your Move)

Well done Aaron! I imagine the exhaustion felt from jumping through all the hoop makes this achievement all the more satisfying. Even better that it also helps hit a milestone in CoW's bike plan. Let us know how it all goes. Are you planning an official launch? I would imagine you could get some good local press too!

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