A cheer for 2020

Gill Strange
Inglewood Primary School

Even though we have had an up and down year, Inglewood Primary School finished on a high. Students from years 1-6 participated in a 3 week bike education course at the school, utilising our 2 basketball courts. There were lots of scooters and bikes of all makes and sizes parked at our brand new scooter and bike racks ( courtesy of ‘Your Move’ last year). The student’s skill level ranged from those just learning to ride to those who could successfully complete the many obstacle challenges.

To end the bike Ed program a ‘mini wheels’ day was held. Students, were given the opportunity to bring their roller blades/skates, skateboards or scooters to school and several obstacle courses were set up by our student leaders. This kept the playground very busy during recess and lunch and it certainly showcased many of the rider’s skills. What a great way to finish the year!

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James (Your Move)

Hi Gill - excellent that the Bike Ed sessions went well and resulted in the nex bike parking filling up! Were the sessions funded through unlocking a Your Move grant or did you fund them through points or some other way? I ask because you linked the story to the "Apply for a Grant" activity, which gives you 40 points, but you didn't mention a grant (for 2020) in the story. I also just gave you 30 points for running your "Mini Wheels" day - what a fun way to finish off the Bike Ed sessions and the year. Finally you got 10 points for giving us all a good read - have a great break and see you next year!

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