Handover to new Your Move Champion (1)

Kate Hingston

After a change of administration and our previous Your Move champion leaving, we have had the chance to reinvigorate our Your Move program in 2024. Our new Your Move Champions include Ally (Parent), Mr S (our PE teacher) and Mrs West (our new Principal). Our new Champions are enthusiastic for our Year 6 students to take on leadership roles as the Your Move team and we are going to be working on some projects for the school. We look forward to the Your Move Program taking shape and Inglewood Primary School and for our our efforts in organising a new bike locker for our school, as well as helping improve the health of our students and a better environment for all.

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James (Your Move)

Welcome back Inglewood! And welcome aboard Kate and crew 😄. You have earned 40 points for getting up to speed on Your Move and 10 more for sharing the details of your new team of Champions. Let us know when your student team is onboard too!

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