What a fantastic morning we had at the ‘Your Move ‘ forum. Having an enthusiastic parent sitting beside me certainly motivated me to keep the ‘Your Move’ sparks flying at our school. We have so many ideas to follow up and I have invited her to join our student ‘Your Move’ leaders at our weekly meeting. The beginning of our walking school bus together with the contacts we have made is a recipe for success. Thank you for taking the time to plan the forum:)

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James (Your Move)

Hi Gill - I can just feel the enthusiasm boosted by the forum. It's great to get that feedback. I have linked your story to the "Attend Your Move PD" activity which has given you 50 points. I see you taken up the offer of 100 bonus points for bringing a parent along and potentially getting some more adult 'person' power in the YM team. It's a really important key to YM success - so let us know how it develops and you might end up with more points for the "Volunteer Power" activity. Keep those stories coming!

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