Your Move Planning meeting

Clayton Bird
Pine View Primary School

Published by G1: Year 4/5/6

Meeting 1: What are we? Your Move Ambassadors

What will we do? Raising awareness about being active E.g. Give talks to other classes; Hold events E.g. Walk2School Day. Having an activity passport to keep track of how active we're being.

Walk to School Day Planning: 1) Students to design posters to display around the school promoting Walk2School Day. 2) Write an advert for the school newsletter promoting the day. 3) Students giving PA announcements to remind students about Walk to School Day. 4) Free fruit and healthy breakfast given to all students. 5) Students handing out stickers to people who have walked to school.

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James (Your Move)

Hi Clayton - great to see you popping up at Pine View PS - are you still also at Woodland Grove? It is also excellent news that the Pine View Your Move Ambassadors have been established and have already done some serious planning! You have earned 60 points for this, plus 10 points for sharing all the details of the first meeting and W2SD plans.

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